How to Be Happy Alone During Holidays

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Holidays are generally happy times for most people, and revolve around family and friends. For those without such human resources- in general or nearby- figuring out how to be happy alone during holidays can be a tricky thing.

Alone and Lonely?

As any holiday approaches, images and portrayals of people celebrating together come at us from all sides. Commercials, holiday specials, ads, social media posts. If we find ourselves alone for whatever reason, we might feel saddened or depressed by that. Maybe you are alone by choice and you love it. 🙂 This post is not for you then. But if you’re alone and bummed about it, read on.

Carry on with your traditions

If you have traditions that you’ve enjoyed all your life, keep them up. Even if you aren’t near loved ones, you can still keep up with the holiday traditions you’ve enjoyed in the past. Put up that tree and remember holidays past and the fun you had with family. Watch that special movie. Bake the traditional treat. Even if you are not with family, these actions will help you feel connected if you revive memories and/or share pictures and chat about your efforts.

Create your own traditions

On the other hand, if you have mixed feelings about the holiday traditions you have previously celebrated, or are unable to keep up with them, it’s time to start your own traditions! Find something you enjoy and make it your own yearly tradition! Maybe you always had an artificial Christmas tree but really wanted a live one–there’s your new tradition. Or maybe no one’s ever bought you a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day-make it a tradition to buy yourself a box each year. You get the idea. 🙂

Perhaps you’re simply caught in a one-time situation that is preventing you from celebrating with family–like being stranded an an airport or something. This would be an instance where you don’t need a new routine, but just want something that feels celebratory.

I read a story online somewhere about some strangers celebrating Christmas an an airport. I forget all the details, but it had a nice message –that the spirit of the holidays is something we carry within us.

Take A Class Or Find A Hobby

If the holidays have you feeling lonely, try taking a class or finding a new hobby. Look at craft stores for classes in things such as cake decorating, cookie decorating, wreath making, sewing, and more. Other specialty stores may also have classes in things such as pottery making.

Even an online course can fill the need for a productive activity. The interaction is different but might even suit your better, depending. 🙂

Also consider look for community enrichment classes and programs in your local schools or
community colleges. They may have classes in all kinds of subjects from painting to foreign
languages to computer skills, dance, nature walks, and more. It’s a great way to learn a new skill or find a new hobby and potentially make some new friends.


Volunteering is a wonderful thing to consider. So many organizations need help, and helping others is a real boost to your spirit! During the holidays it can be a little harder for these organizations to find help because the regular volunteers may be traveling etc…. If you are able to volunteer, you will meet new people and possibly make some new friends while helping others. It’s a win-win situation.

Happy all the time

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