Happy Labor Day!

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Today we (here in the US, anyway) celebrate all those who labor in this world in whatever form that may take. Ourselves included! I hope you have all enjoyed a nice day whether or not you actually had a respite from your labors. 🙂

So, gratitude is a good theme for the day (and every day). Life sometimes seems to fly on by, so taking moments to stop and appreciate things that often are taken for granted is a great basis for a holiday, in my opinion 🙂

Another theme to be found in the celebration of Labor Day is recognition. Rather similar to being appreciated, recognition is slightly different–for to be appreciative, people have to first take notice! 😛

So today I recognize the countless ways the multitude of laborers out there contribute to my way of life, and I offer my gratitude to each and every one of them! ❤️

This youtube video caught my eye as it involves a woman that works (?worked) at McDonalds who- oh, by the way- is an amazing singer! Not sure how long ago this was or if she is finding any success singing…but the audition was a nice moment of recognition for her gift. The fact that she was a “regular” worker, I think, added to her charm. Unassuming and gracious.

Happy Labor Day!



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