Good read! The Power of Self Discipline – The 9th of the Bob Proctor 11 Forgotten Laws

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We’ve heard all of our lives about self discipline; but we may not have heard about the power of self discipline. Each one of the 11 Forgotten Laws are actually Universal Laws of Life and just like the laws governing electricity, the 11 Forgotten Laws are about the generation of power.

The Law of Sacrifice and the Law of Discipline are used interchangeably in the 11 Forgotten Laws. I’d wager that most of us don’t particularly like either term. What we learn in the 11 Forgotten Laws is that the rewards of using the Law of Sacrifice or Discipline release potent forces that enhance our lives and add to the energy of the Law of Attraction.

The power of self-discipline is one of those good news-bad news things. The bad news is that we are already sacrificing every day of our lives. The good news is that-well that’s the good news. The Truth of the Law of Sacrifice is that whatever we receive is at least equal to what we give up, and when coupled with focus, we receive much more.

But as this lesson of the 11 Forgotten Laws tells us, we can’t have a happy home life and respect of our family and friends if we are living lives of cheating or lies or other behaviors not aligned with the goodness of the Universe.

In the process of using the Law of Sacrifice, and the power of self discipline, you’ll be working to bring to yourself the joys and the pleasures that always result from working with this Law.

An analogy I love is given about baseball. You never sacrifice a home run for a first base. What may seem hard for a moment gives us lasting results many times over what it has “cost” us. And, by practicing the Law of Sacrifice we are released from the lower realms of thought and blocks are removed.

Once again, as with the other 11 Forgotten Laws, learning and using the Law unleashes the power of self discipline in our lives. It opens us up to receive prosperity, peace of mind and loving relationships.


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