Good read! Spearmint Tea is Excellent For You, and Caffeine Free

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Spearmint tea is a caffeine free tea which is very exciting for many reasons. Firstly, it’s not good to drink caffeine after 4pm because it can affect your sleep cycle, or your melatonin and cortisol cycles. This limits the possibilities of drinks in the afternoon (that is, if you take care of your self, and avoid high fructose corn syrup type drinks:) ). Green tea, oolong tea, black tea, and even white tea have caffeine in them. Spearmint tea, on the other hand, has zero caffeine! This makes for a tastier drink than water, especially if you add some real natural sweeteners like Stevia.

There’s also a great acne benefit of spearmint tea. I did some research online on some acne forums ( is a great one, where I had a lot of acne in high school, advice from this forum helped clear me up), and found some users who reported that the tea was the main cause of their acne clearing up! This is good news. Doing further research, I found that it was due to the tea’s androgen blocking effect.

Here’s an excerpt of the user’s testimony:

“…I cut Coffee/Lattes and almost all caffeine from my daily routine and started drinking Spearmint Tea… It did make me noticeably less oily, and my recent breakout was tapering off a little bit. BTW, I am a female that is not on BC. I’m unsure how it will affect males. It is one of the bigger anti-androgenic herbs. Vitex/chasteberry is also another commonly known supplement to moderate hormone levels in women.”

There’s a study done on spearmint tea and hirsutism that shows that drinking it two times per day, reduces levels of male hormones (including testosterone) which can cause excessive hair growth (hirsutism) on the stomach, face, and breasts. It was also shown to reduce testicular cancer in rats, if that introduces you. This is good news for people who are experiencing hormonal imbalances or maybe do suffer from some extra hair growth.

Even simpler than all the scientific health benefits is one very obvious benefit: spearmint tea is relaxing. Both the smell and the taste of it is refreshing. That is why its a main flavor of every major gum. Mint is just nice on the palate. Drink it for relaxation, at home, on the beach, wherever.

All in all, it’s definitely worth trying. It might just be your favorite flavor tea!


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