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Check Out These Easy Online Ways of Helping the Earth!


Helping the earth (and its inhabitants) is something anyone visiting this site is likely to be interested in…and it’s something that is quite easy to do while you’re online. How? With free donation click sites. I imagine many of you already know about such sites, but for those of you who don’t, here’s how it works: log onto the sites listed below and click on the button that says “Donate now” or something to that effect (they vary). The sponsors of the sites make a small donation for each click. Thousands of clicks each day add up to significant donations to worthy causes! And it only takes 5-10 minutes to make all the donations. If you’re like me and spend a fair amount of time on the computer anyway, you couldn’t ask for an easier way of helping the earth (and its inhabitants)!


This first group of sites are all connected—that is to say, you can get to any one by way of any of the other sites…so just pick one and then follow the links to go to the others. How easy is that?


This second site has a “free click to donate” link that takes to you to 10 different click to donate places!! I generally skip the global warming click, not wanting to encourage that idea, but I do all the rest. I don’t necessarily agree with the view point of the site in general, but I am always game for helping out causes. This site offers a nice feature of keeping track of your donation clicking–a running log– which can add a bit of fun to the whole thing! So check it out:


This next site is setup a bit differently…it is a page that has 4 red click to donate buttons. When you click on one button, the page that comes up has the remaining buttons at the bottom—you may have to scroll down to see them. It also mentions how much land you’ve protected or whatever. I read somewhere (when I first heard of this site) that this one protects the most land of any of the free click places.


This last site requires that you play a game and the results determine how much rice is donated. My children like to play the games on this site and it keeps track of how much rice is donated for each session of game playing.

These are all the sites that I know about. There used to be a lot more—there was a place called donation junction that had all the sites listed, but it’s no longer there. I came across a site while writing this that appeared to be of the same purpose as donation junction…it listed lots of sites I remember clicking on before, but none of the links worked. I think many of the free click to donate sites have closed. But there are plenty of sites remaining…and, in fact, it’s nice that there aren’t too many, in that you can click on them all in minutes a day!


Gotta Search? Use Good Search! Gotta Shop? Use Good Shop!

One other easy way of helping the earth (and people) is by using when you want to search the net. You choose the charity and then just search as you normally would—very simple! Even better is….up to 30% of your purchase ends up as a donation! The trick is simply getting into the habit of using these two services which, I’ll admit, requires some effort, as habit creation does! It’s not that it’s a hard thing to use these two services—it’s just easy to forget! They do have tools for creating a toolbar and/or making goodsearch your homepage etc…if interested.

Still another thing to do is to use Amazon Smile.  Sign up at…and choose your charity. Then whenever you shop Amazon (and, if you’re like me, that’a a LOT!)–switch to amazonsmile (they make it very easy)….and you will be helping to support a good cause!

So, as you can see, helping the earth (and humans :)) needn’t be hard work…indeed, as you sit at your computer during the day, you can easily find the time to make free donations to a nice number of groups that are doing good things–at no cost to you! Even other typical tasks like performing a computer search and shopping online can help you contribute…make you just one of many people contributing to a better world!!

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