3-Week Diet Review

3-week diet review ebook
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The GNC 3-Week Diet Review

3-week diet

The 3-week diet –sounds great just in the name, doesn’t it? 21 days to get in shape? Perfect! 🙂 I am no newbie to diets, though, and knew that this must have some pretty strict guidelines–which I typically don’t want to live by ….but I decided to buy it and investigate. So I get the instant access and start reading.  As I suspected, this 3-week diet was no walk in the park!  There are 7 days of just eating protein and veggies (yuk) followed by a 24 hour fast (ouch)!  This is followed by a fat fast for a few days.  A fat fast, contrary to what the name suggests, involves getting most of your calories from fat–again, yuk AND ouch! The last 9 days of the diet are more typical of diet plans–you are guided in figuring out your BMR (basal metabolic rate) and a calorie plan based on that. After my reading, I knew that the 3-week diet was NOT something I would do, and I was thankful for the money-back guarantee!  This was honored in a timely manner–so customer service was good.

There is an exercise component to the 3-week diet, but to be honest, I did not look at it once I read the eating plan.  I do know that it has both gym and at-home options and that  it calls for working out for 20 minutes 3-4 times per week. My guess would be that this would be strength workouts (I have tried and read a lot of diet and exercise plans :)), but I honestly don’t know the specifics.

My Experience and Thoughts on the 3-week Diet

Well, obviously, I don’t have actual experience implementing the 3-week diet…I just couldn’t muster up the motivation for such a strict approach! 🙁 That said, I know from my extensive reading on the subject matter that the diet uses some effective methods for quick weight loss.  Again, I can’t comment on the exercise section, as I did not get that far 🙂

Bottom line

The 3-week diet has a lot of success stories, and is based on proven and effective weight-loss techniques. It is not for the weak-willed, however (like me :)). Given the money-back guarantee and good customer service, it’d be worth a try if you are ready for fast results!

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3-week diet review ebook


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