Interview With Zoe Bray-Cotton

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Interview with Zoe Bray-Cotton, Creator of Yoga Burn

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Me: I am speaking to Zoe Bray-Cotton, creator of Yoga Burn.

Hi Zoe—thanks so much for speaking with me!  I am excited to share your product with my readers! Could you please provide a little background information regarding your experience with yoga and perhaps how that led you to create Yoga Burn?

Zoe: Thanks for spending the time with me Cathy, I’m looking forward to answering your questions! Well, I’ve been a Yoga Teacher for a long time! Since I now am lucky enough to travel quite often, my regular Yoga students would always say “You should record your Yoga classes for us to do while you are away!!”. So, once I got enough requests, I decided to start planning out the Yoga Program I would like my students to do while I’m away. I wanted it to be a very specific, progressive Yoga Program that would help Women to shape up their body and mind without adding additional stress to their already busy lives!

I created a one-of-a-kind Yoga program that gives very clear instructions on how to look and feel your best from anywhere you’d like, at home, on vacation, or even outdoors! I wanted this all to be accomplished without having Women feel self-concious, as so many of my students have expressed to me they do, in a class setting. It can be hard for some to focus on their Yoga practice while seeing all sorts of other Women in the same pose, we sadly compare ourselves to class participants! When we have low confidence we can be so very hard on ourselves!

So, after many hours of hard work, planning, filming, and editing, Yoga Burn was born!! Already, so many Women have had success with Yoga Burn, and love being able to do Yoga while the kids are sleeping, or there is a roast in the oven, laundry on etc. etc. I feel that having Yoga Burn ready to go anytime you can fit it in is one of the best secrets to success!

Me: That’s very interesting! You can’t have been teaching that long–you look so young! 🙂

Zoe: Well I started teaching very young, and have always felt like teaching Yoga is what I was meant to do!

Me: That’s great–to have a calling like that! I know I have enjoyed your program although I never do more than 15 mins at a time. I have only done the Foundational Flow at this point. I do a wide variety of exercise, but enjoy mixing in some yoga, and I love being able to do yoga at home!

Do you think there’s any benefit to using your program like I do–just doing the flow one time through?

Zoe: Definitely. I suggest that my clients practice Yoga Burn is any way that fits into their lifestyle, aiming for consistency. Ideally, repeating the flow for a total practice time of 45 minutes. The best way to get maximum results in the shortest amount of time is to complete 3 – 45 minute Yoga Burn workouts per week.

So, in short, I encourage you to trust your intuition and do what feels right on that particular day! Keep in mind, something is always better than nothing! So if 15 minutes is all you’ve got, I’ll take it!

Me: That’s good to hear, and as a busy person, I appreciate that flexibility! Do you have any new products in the works or being planned?

Zoe: Actually I do!! I’ve been lucky enough to do what I love and create all sorts of new products that continue to improve the Yoga Burn journey. For example, the “Meditation Solution” is a trio of guided meditations that can be used alone, or used to complete any Yoga Burn session with some quiet relaxation time.

Me: Yes, I think I saw those offered when I purchased Yoga Burn. I did not purchase them, however, as I am not an avid meditator. But I know many yoga practitioners are–nice to have that as part of the program!

Zoe: Yes 🙂 I have also just launched the “Yoga Pose Tutorials” and “Beginner Flow” which are digital bonuses included with the main program. I wanted to be sure that every member of our tribe has everything they need to learn the signature Yoga Burn movements in their own time, and with with as much support as possible.

In the near future I will be launching the “Yoga Burn Monthly” series which will include a brand new set of 12 Yoga videos every month! We are going to travel through many different styles of Yoga so you can gain a well-rounded understanding of each and every common style of Yoga. I’m so excited to share all of this knowledge with Women around the globe. If you tend to get bored with repetition this IS the best way to keep Yoga fresh and exciting, as you receive 12 completely unique half hour videos that are intended to be completed with one month and used along side your Yoga Burn System for Women. Each month’s Yoga style is kept a secret, so you can be excited to give yourself the gift of health and get a surprise every month!

Me: The Yoga Burn Monthly is a great idea–I know I, for one, crave variety in my exercise!

Zoe: Yes variety is the spice of life! Yoga Burn Monthly will be launched this summer, and I know will be a real hit. I’ve included everything my customers have been asking for, so I can confidently say it will add so much more to the Yoga Burn journey!

Me: Thanks so much for making time to talk with me here at the Good News Cafe 🙂 I am happy to share quality programs that offer so many benefits to people–and yours is certainly that!

Zoe: It was my pleasure Cathy! I appreciate you supporting my product, and helping me to reach even more Women all over the world! Namaste.

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