Healing Codes Review

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Healing Codes Review

The Healing Codes is a system of healing created by Dr Alex Lloyd, that is an energy-based technique. Dr Lloyd developed this program to treat his wife’s depression.  In fact, he states that he received inspiration for the method on a flight from LA to his home after praying for his wife.

The basic premise is that all illness and disease is caused by physiological stress.  This stress is caused by an energy problem within the body.  So healing is a matter of fixing the energy problem.  He goes on to discuss “heart issues” which relate to the subconscious, or his term for it–cellular memories.

The Healing Codes are endorsed by a medical doctor–Dr. Ben Johnson- who feels he healed his early onset Lou Gehrig’s disease using the codes.  That’s quite a healing!

My Thoughts and Experience with the Healing Codes

I don’t remember how I heard of the Healing Codes, but I first read the book–I loved it!  Even though I was part of the traditional western medical establishment ( I worked as an R.N. for 10 years), I am someone who has always embraced the notion of alternative ways of being and healing. The way the information is presented and explained made great sense to me.

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I finished the book and set out to try this for myself. If you have read other reviews, other parts of this web-site, you may have noticed a trend…I tend to have a hard time sticking with “practices.” And this was no exception. The basic Healing Code Technique involves holding your hands at 4 different points of the body for 30 seconds.  This is done for 3 rounds, or 6 minutes. Doesn’t sound like very long, but for me it was!  I think I have spiritual Attention Deficit Disorder (I’m just inventing a term for myself ;)).


So I did not experience any sort of dramatic healing from my limited efforts with the Healing Codes. But, I did not really use it enough to draw a valid conclusion!  With a full-year’s money back guarantee (I know this is true for some if not all of the products), I think the Healing Codes are worth a try.


There are several levels of products, some rather expensive, Of course, if they restore health, well-worth it, right?! Here are two:

Healing Codes— a digital Healing Code Product

Healing Codes Package Deal–includes manuals and CD’s and personalized codes


To your health!

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