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Ah, to be fit for life! How nice that would be! Physical fitness enhances life in many ways. Mentally, when you’re fit, you feel good about yourself and likely find that your mood is just generally better. Then, of course, when fit you have more energy and enthusiasm for pursuing interests and hobbies. I’m sure we all know some exceptions—people who are overweight yet happy, people who have health challenges but still find joy in day to day living. Still, I think by and large, being fit for life is a key element for most of us to see life as good.
I often wonder how our spirituality fits in with our being physically fit for life…I just can’t imagine Jesus needing to lift weights to have lean muscles, although, I’ll grant you that He likely did a lot of walking! And what about Buddha—by all accounts (or in all the statues I’ve seen), He was round and happy! Why did His enlightenment not seem to result in His being more fit as it did for Jesus—or at least in the images we always see of Him?! I heard Esther Hicks (Law of Attraction) talking about a friend of hers who eats a ton and is model thin…she said her friend told her that food is her friend…so it would seem there is likely some mental component to the whole fit for life puzzle! I don’t doubt that (refer back to Ways to Improve Your Life)!

Interview with Zoe Bray-Cotton

Read my interview with Zoe Bray-Cotton, creator of Yoga Burn

I believe that there are numerous ways to get and stay fit for life –which makes sense…much like the various ways of approaching spirituality make sense. So, there will be no definitive statements about the only way to go about getting fit! Rather I will just share information on various books and programs out there…books and programs that I have tried and how they worked for me. As I mentioned before, it seems people can lose weight and get fit for life with a wide variety of approaches (for some specific stories of people I personally know who are slim and fit, click here).  I hope this information helps you find a way that works for you!

As alluded to above, there seem to be two primary components to fitness:

Not surprisingly,  there are a gazillion diets and diet books and programs out there! And perhaps just as many exercise programs!  So I hope that my commentary helps you navigate your way through the ocean of information to something that suits your needs and helps you achieve your goals!

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Fitness Tips From Readers:

    • Finding balance in life is key to fitness. Water is also critical to keeping your body healthy and fit. A.K., MA

Try adding this “super spice” to your meats (got this from a magazine–it’s from Kim Lyons, the ex Biggest Loser trainer): 2 T each of chili powder, turmeric and mustard seeds. Chili increases fat-burning, and turmeric helps cut off blood supply to fate cells.  Not sure what the mustard is for–? flavor? 🙂 It tastes good! C.W., GA

Let go of trying to be perfect 100% of the time–shift to an eighty-twenty approach. W.D.

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