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I am posting this edition of a sample GNN newsletter with permission from the author to give you an idea of what you can expect in your inbox if you subscribe 🙂

Happy 2011! Let’s start the New Year right, with the best newsletter I’ve ever compiled! We’ll look back at the best news stories of 2010, and learn 11 tips for making 2011 a great year! Cheers, to making a way this year for love — and raucous laughter… xxoo Geri

Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week

  1. Top 10 “Seriously Good” News Stories of 2010
    2010 was a year of disasters — Haitian earthquake, Gulf oil spill and Pakistani flooding — yet it was also a year of stunning generosity, technological prowess, and compassion. These are our top ten picks to highlight the seriously good news that deserves pondering as we move into 2011.
  2. Eleven Things to Give Up in 2011

    Instead of trying to lose twenty pounds with a New Year’s resolution, what if you decided to give up eleven habits that keep you stuck in a place you don’t want to be. We all have mindsets, habits and behaviors we’d like to change. Here are eleven of them to give up in 2011.

  3. 9 Species That Returned From Extinction in 2010
    A few of the lost species thought to be extinct have made miraculous reappearances in 2010, like the Sierra Nevada Red Fox, an earthworm that smells like lillies when handled, a slender loris, and the short tailed albatross.
  4. Underdogs Triumph in 2010’s Best Sports Stories
    The best story in sports is the underdog tale. Looking back on 2010, we noted an inspiring trend among the top sports news this year: Underdogs who surged ahead, turning doubters into believers. These six stories are our favorites.
  5. Small Town Doc Gets $5 a Visit for 55 Yrs — and Never Takes Day Off
    There is a treasured hero in Rushville, Illinois: a doctor who has kept his fees the same as they were back in 1955 — five bucks a visit — and who has never taken a day off.
  6. Airline Wraps Gifts to Deliver via Baggage Chute for Travelers

    The Spanish airlines, Spanair, created a memorable evening for passengers traveling on Christmas Eve. Arriving to collect their baggage, 190 people found a stream of colorful gift packages flowing onto the conveyor belt – presents for each and every traveler.
  7. 8 Year-olds Publish Scientific Paper in Peer Reviewed Journal
    Research on bees conducted by a class of 8-10 year olds was published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, complete with crayon illustrations.
  8. Secrets Unraveled Behind 130 Diseases Like Alzheimer’s and Autism
    Scientists have isolated a set of proteins that accounts for over 130 brain diseases, including diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsies and forms of autism and learning disability. The findings open several new paths toward tackling these diseases. (Science Daily)
  9. A Day of Service with Obama and the Los Angeles Lakers
    Rather than the traditional, honorary trip to the White House this year, the 2010 World Champion Los Angeles Lakers teamed up with NBA Cares and President Obama last week to assemble care packages and write letters with members of The DC Boys and Girls Club to be sent to wounded soldiers. (Video)
  10. 21 ‘Extraordinary’ Acts of Heroism: Carnegie Medals Announced
    21 people were named last week by the Carnegie Hero Fund to receive the Carnegie medal, given to those who risk their lives to an extraordinary degree while saving or attempting to save the lives of others.
Video of the Week:  Pilot Uses Helicopter to Blow Calf to Safety

The same Oklahoma TV news helicopter pilot who four years ago pushed a deer on an icy pond to safety using the wind from his rotors, has once again made national news saving a trapped calf — pushing with the same gusty wind, after the animal lost all footing and was stuck on the ice.  (Watch the ingenius rescue)

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