Good Habits for a Happy Life

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Good Habits For a Happy Life!


So this is the action portion of the web-site, the good habits, if you will. Having gotten a sense (hopefully) that the planet is not in peril and having looked at life from the positive perspective of New Thought, it’s now time to look at some things you can do to help contribute to a brighter world…and that is a long list! Some of the good habits I will mention may well be known to you, and this discussion will simply serve as a reminder to practice what you know! Other things might be new, and so you will have new things to try to incorporate into your daily routine.


There is one important factor to keep in mind. These actions should be done from a place of peace and from a desire to care for ourselves, each other, and our planet….not from a place of fear and guilt which so often is the “battle cry” of those groups and individuals pushing for action. There’s a big difference in how these two divergent motivations affect your life, so choose wisely!


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Some Good Habits to Consider Forming!

First I’ll discuss the three R’s….not reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic, but the well-known reduce, reuse, and recycle. Fortunately, in many places, recycling, at least, is easily practiced. Then I will introduce some simple online ways of helping the earth and the people on it. As much time as we spend on our devices, it’s nice to be able to “do some good” while we surf!  Next will be a section on being fit for life. This section will discuss diet and exercise, from the perspective of a “New Thoughter.” Spoiler alert: nothing too unusual here 🙂 Next there will be a discussion on various ways to fortify your perception that it is indeed a beautiful world. Finally, I will share some uplifting stories of good things people have done and are doing each and every day. It’s really quite inspiring to read about such activities, which don’t make the news often enough! While practicing behaviors such as discussed on this site (and whatever other good habits you may already have) is an important component of the good life, it’s not the most essential component, in my opinion. That would be your mindset as addressed in the Ways to Improve Your Life section of this web-site. Behaviors that are beneficial to ourselves and the world come naturally to those who have found inner peace and happiness! That said, there’s a saying I’ve heard, “fake it until you make it.” And taking action from any state of mind can help change your state of mind. So use these ideas as further expressions of the good within you, or to bolster that sense—whichever applies! 

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