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Gifts that give back are perfect all year long.  But as they capture the essence of the Christmas season–generosity/giving–they are something I tend to look for even more as I do my gift shopping in December.  And this year I found a nifty little product to share. Now, I do realize that liquid hand soap is not a great gift 🙂 But as a stocking stuffer for people who enjoy novel choices, or as an add-on to pretty  hand towels, or as part of a natural toiletries basket… is a good gift, at least 🙂


The soap you see in the photo is called Soapbox…their mission (according to the bottle) is “to empower people to change the world through everyday, quality purchases.”  I love that! When you buy their soap, they deliver soap to someone in need.  The bottle even comes with a code on it so you can see where in the world your gift of soap was delivered.  Visit to learn more about this company.

I found the soap you see in the picture at Walmart–it was $3.64 for a 12 oz bottle. This was more, of course than the other hand soaps, but I do enjoy supporting companies with a vision to give back–and I figure the extra cost to me is supporting that effort. I realize all the angles of this sort of generosity–some might say, just take the money you would save buying regular soap and donate it, or deliver items yourself 🙂  I get that. But it still felt like a good thing to make the purchase, and so I did!

Many of the Soapbox products on Amazon seem to be overpriced in comparison to what I paid at Walmart.  But delivered to your house is a plus:

The point of this post was to share what I think is a neat product/company with y’all. But more to the point, I thought it was a timely message (being the holiday season) to remind you to consider choosing gifts that give back.  I mean how great is it to give a gift to someone that they will enjoy, while at the same time, having that gift bring relief  to someone or support to a cause that you believe in?

By the way…I mention this elsewhere on the site, but if you use Amazon a lot (as I do)–check out AmazonSmile– they donate a percentage of everything you buy to a charity of your choice!!  They have donated a ton of money ($37,903,623.82 to date)!

Lastly, if you like dogs, visit the Shop and consider buying my (not-so-great-but cute) creation called A Dog’s Life. I give 10% of all proceeds to animal charities. The ebook is a measly buck and the paperback at Amazon is $9.95  Be sure to get the newer and improved version if you go that route 🙂  It looks like this:


Happy shopping and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays (whatever you celebrate!)


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