Fun Moments in Life: What a Pleasant Surprise!

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Fun moments in life are the best, especially when unexpected. What a pleasant surprise, we say. Any day that you get the chance to utter that phrase is generally a good one 🙂

Well, a week or two ago, I had such a day and I uttered that phrase (well, in my mind, I did).  I was contacted by a young woman on Instagram with an offer to send me a free copy of her journal, and we agreed to a little cross-promotion of each other’s products (keep an eye out for @robyntwiley testing out one of my pillowcase designs on her IG feed one day soon 🙂 )

I received “My Happy Book: A guided Journal to Light Up Your Life. “ about a week after our initial contact:


See? ?

I will be interviewing Robyn at some point, and I am sure we will talk more about the journal. Meanwhile, if you want to go and check it out on her site, visit robyntwiley (update 2021, Robyn no longer has her site, but the journal is still on amazon :)).

When was the last time you experienced a pleasant surprise? Could it be you have been too busy to notice? Remember, we often experience more of the things that we are looking for and expecting….which might make a pleasant surprise no surprise at all! ??

But I digress….

The point of this post is twofold:

  1. To share Robyn’s Journal with you. It’s such a wonderful journal to use to increase your happiness
  2. To get you thinking about your expectations–what you’re looking for each day.

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