Do It Anyway

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Do it anyway. It’s really great advice, in my opinion 🙂

Sometimes, things don’t go quite like you envision they will. Even small things, like holding the door open for someone. You’ve been there, right? You hold the door open for someone and they don’t even acknowledge you! 😛

Now, you don’t typically do it just to get a thank you. Still, it’s a little weird when it happens 🙂 Do it anyway.

Do it anyway is a great motto to keep you focused on doing what matters to you without concern for what people will think or what might happen in the world at large. It keeps you from worrying about the “what ifs” or the external “whys.”

Do things because they reflect who you want to be–like a considerate person who holds the door open for strangers even when they don’t acknowledge you. Or someone who is honest and doesn’t cheat or steal just because no one is watching. Or someone who has a positive message to share on a blog that not many people read 😉

Now, Martina talks about God in her song below, but even if you’re not sure about that part, the message remains. Live your life doing the things that matter to you and that show the world who you are–even when they don’t notice.

Do it Anyway

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