Different Styles Of Bullet Journaling

different styles of bullet journaling

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There are lots of different styles of bullet journaling.  Really,  it can be an effective and personalizable way to journal, plan, and keep track of your busy life.

Use the styles discussed below as a starting point and feel free to mix and match to come up with a system that works for you!

The Daily Planner and Organizer Bullet Journal

One of the most popular uses for the bullet journal is as a daily planner and a way to organize your busy life. Keep track of your appointments, tasks and anything else that comes up!

Bullet points are the ultimate way of making notes and keeping track of just about anything and everything you need to keep track of! Color coding or adding different sections makes it easy to keep track of different aspects of your life.

The Ultimate To-Do List Bullet Journal

If you love making and working from daily to-do lists, you’ll love the bullet journal!  It’s the ultimate to-do list system since each daily section is nothing more than a list.

The same goes for collections which are nothing more than thematic lists that you use in addition to your daily to-do lists. Since everything is collected in the journal, you don’t have to go hunt down random scraps of paper.

The Creative Outlet And Memory Keeper Bullet Journal

If you’ve been thinking of keeping a traditional journal, art journal, or scrapbook, but you don’t want to commit to a dedicated book, consider using your bullet journal as a creative outlet to explore your artistic side. You can make it as simple or involved as you’d like and still use the journal to keep track of the things you need to get done as well.

The Personal Improvement Tool Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is also a great way to keep track of goals and make sure you’re doing something every single day to help you move forward. Trackers help you track your progress and you can add monthly and daily reminders to help you create positive habits.

Use trackers, mind maps, and dedicated lists for books you want to read, courses you want to take, or new things you want to try.

The bullet journal makes a great personal improvement tool!

How you use your bullet journal is up to you. Use the list above to inspire you to come up with your very own version of the different styles of bullet journaling. Remember, it’s a tool that’s supposed to make your life easier, more enjoyable, and more inspired. Make it work for you.

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