Count Your Blessings: Thanksgiving

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Let me just say right off the bat: I love all holidays. There. I said it 🙂 I love each of them for what they have come to represent to me over the course of my lifetime.  I see holidays as reminders.  Life can be very hectic, and time, as they say, does seem to fly. How nice, then to have these days each year that are pretty hard to ignore given all the commercials and hype! If you’re like me, you may find it hard to stick to a routine of prayer and contemplation.  Or maybe you tend to get wrapped up in one area of thinking. Holidays to the rescue!

Have you neglected your playful side–the part of you that indulges your imagination? Let Halloween and the fun of creating a costume or watching spooky movies or making up ghost stories rekindle the fun of imagining. Ever get the feeling that the world is a harsh place? Let the celebration of Love on Valentine’s Day remind you to spread a little kindness and to relish your loving relationships.  You get the idea.  🙂

Thanksgiving’s purpose is right there in the name: thanks giving…okay, that’s a little awkward.  Let’s say giving thanks 🙂 Many of you might already practice gratitude daily.  Or maybe you don’t have an organized practice but you live with a grateful perspective. But many of us are not so organized or inclined. For us, Thanksgiving is the perfect reminder to practice the old adage: Count your blessings. For me, anyway, the whole month of November is helpful as I see people posting their 30 days of gratitude lists, and start planning our meal, and looking ahead to the whole holiday season.

Having a day set aside to honor the ideal of a thankful heart benefits even those people who might not need the nudge to practice gratitude.  They must enjoy having everyone join them in this happy perspective 🙂 They probably even add it to their list of what they are thankful for 😉

So this November, be sure to count your blessings as you go about your days.  Don’t wait for that Turkey Thursday! Add Thanks for the reminder, Thanksgiving to your list.

Fun Idea to Try

You’ve likely heard of vision boards and gratitude journals. Why not combine them? Get a notebook and put pictures of things you want and desire. Since this is your gratitude journal, you will remember to express thanks for having these desires fulfilled. And then make your daily entry ??

Enjoy this perfect song of Thanksgiving by, perhaps, my favorite artist–lyrics below video  🙂

Bountiful by Peter Mayer


You don’t just say grace
Before you dig in
You stand and dance and sway
Around the kitchen
And feast your eyes, astounded by
What you’ve been given
Before you even
Sit down
In Bountiful

And when you allemande
With the pans and the cupboards
You lapse into a trance
And dance like a lover
Till dinner time has slipped your mind
And you can’t recover
Like a drunkard
Stumbling around
In Bountiful

And when you fold your hands
You laugh
Because the words escape you
So when you pray
You shut your mouth
In Bountiful

The harvest moon is high
In late September
And life’s in great supply
Of the sweet and the tender
But it’s the whole ordeal before the meal
You will remember
If you ever
Make it down
To Bountiful

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