Characteristics and Qualities of Great Leaders

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​​​​Whether you think that leaders are born or made – or a bit of both – it’s interesting to note characteristics and qualities of great leaders. It’s also interesting to note that almost all of us share these qualities to some extent–so we all have leadership potential 🙂 That said, the world does not need everyone to be a leader. The take-away is just to recognize your potential 🙂

Okay–back to the topic at hand! Here’s the list. Do you see yourself in these descriptions?


Get it done. To be an effective leader, you really need to be a “doer”–someone who focuses on the task at hand until it is completed. Task-oriented people follow through and persevere. Also, task-oriented leaders are self-motivated to get things done. The task itself is motivation enough for some.

Honest Self-Image

The best leaders tend to be honest about their weaknesses and strengths. This honesty generally instills more respect than if they pretend to be perfect. It also allows them to optimize group efforts with each person doing tasks best suited to them and their individual skill sets.

People Person

Most leaders are out-going and enjoy being around people. That said, introverts can still be good leaders 🙂 Introverts might find leadership more taxing is all, and will need to re-charge with adequate solitude to stay effective. The common trait here would be a concern for others. 🙂


Have you ever been around someone who is enthusiastic about an idea or project? It tends to draw you in, doesn’t it? Leaders tend to exhibit this kind of passion that draws other people to them.

In summary, characteristics of a good leader can be in-born or learned, or a combination. If you don’t have all of these traits naturally, you can learn many of them. No two leaders are the same. 

So what will you take the lead on? 🙂

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