Brave or Foolish? Luke Aikin Skydiving Sans Parachute


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Brave or foolish? Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with a parachute —sounds kinda fun, but kinda scary, right? Lots of people do it, that’s for sure.  But 25,000 feet up? Without a parachute?!  Yikes!

That’s exactly what Luke Aiken did just recently (August, 2016). I always wonder what motivates people to try such feats. Many people see it as foolishness, plain and simple–why even risk it? Certainly, it does require bravery, though–I give you that 🙂

While it’s certainly not something I would ever consider — remember, I found adventure with the hummingbird zipping by my ear 😉 — I think that feats such as these serve a purpose in the “big picture.” They stretch our ideas of what can be done, what’s possible…even if it’s in something that seems to have no point, other than pushing the envelope.

Here’s to the mavericks of this world!  I appreciate you!

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