Best Ideas for Abundance Journaling Prompts

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So you want to start an abundance journal but need to know: what are the best ideas for abundance journaling prompts? Read on and you will find out!

Abundance journaling is a fun and effective way to create the life of your dreams. It makes you focus on the things that help you attract what you want into your life. But what IS abundance journaling? How do you do it?

Prompts for Abundance Journaling

Following are 9 journaling prompts and 4 bonus ideas you can use to bring more abundance into your life.

Monthly/Weekly/Daily Goals

By far, the number one way to journal for abundance is to set goals. Without goals, it’s very difficult to obtain the things you want in your life.

Goal planning doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process, and it doesn’t have to be hard. It can be as simple as sitting down with your journal and writing down three things you want to accomplish this week.

There is great power in writing down goals. It has been proven to help people succeed in achieving their goals. Moreover, writing down your goals “vividly,” as explained in this Forbes article, is strongly associated with success.

In a recent study about the power of written goals, the participants who made an actionable commitment on paper, sent their written goal to a peer, and updated their peer on a weekly basis about their progress are the ones who succeeded in reaching their goals.

A journal is a great way to put this science into action for you so that you can achieve what you desire in life. There are many different ways to set goals using a journal. Following are some effective ideas to choose from.

Long Term & Short-Term Goal Planning

If you have the time, this is by far the most effective type of goal planning because it allows you to set your long-term goals and then create the small action steps that will lead you to complete those long-term goals. To do this, start with your lifetime goals, then your 10 year and 5-year goals, and then your 1-year goals. From there, create smaller monthly goals that will cause you to arrive at your goal within a year.

Then, you can create weekly action steps at the beginning of each week based on the goals you need to achieve for that month. Next, plan each day’s action steps based off of those weekly goals.

NOTE: You can use the goal planning worksheets in the Abundance Journal to make this process a snap!

Month/Day Goal Planning

If the above goal setting process feels too overwhelming to you, this one is often a nice happy medium between that time-consuming planning session and a simpler one.

Simply take 10 minutes at the beginning of each month to create 3 goals for yourself that you would like to achieve that month. Then, at the beginning of each day, write down some action steps you can take to help you reach those goals.

NOTE: Use the goal planning worksheets in the Abundance Journal to make this easy and fun.

Weekly Goal Planning

If you are completely time starved (like so many of us are these days) and you just want to take some forward action without turning goal setting into a whole process, this option is something you can do in 5-10 minutes. It’s simple. Just take a few minutes each week and jot down three goals you’d like to accomplish that week.

NOTE: I’ve provided goal planning worksheets in the Abundance Journal!

Gratitude List

Gratitude has become a very popular activity because it is a wonderful way attract the life you want. The more you recognize the things that already exist in your life to be grateful for, the more you will attract to be grateful for. On the contrary, when you go through life complaining and focusing on the things that you don’t want in your life, you get more of those things.

Plus, counting your blessings is just a great way to go about life. It promotes happiness and helps us prioritize the things that really matter in our lives. It gives us a good direction and helps us grow in positive ways.

While it’s also helpful to notice what you are grateful for throughout your day-to-day activities, it is even more effective to dedicate time each day to record what you are grateful for in your journal. Simply choose a time of day that works best for you and list at least 10 things you are grateful for that day.

You might be grateful for any of the following:

  • Big changes taking place in your life
  • Your favorite people
  • People who helped you achieve a goal
  • Lessons you learned from “bad” experiences
  • Foods you love
  • Fun experiences you had
  • Situations that went better than you expected
  • Weather
  • Vacations and time off
  • Gifts you received
  • Money you earned
  • Any other blessings in your life

Sometimes, you will struggle to come up with things to write down on your gratitude list. When that happens, just write down even the smallest things, such as pizza, indoor plumbing, or a warmer day in the midst of winter.

Here are some examples of what you might write:

  • I am grateful for my husband’s love.
  • I am grateful the new recipe I made turned out great.
  • I am grateful for the revelation I had this morning.
  • I am grateful for the nice time I had with my mom at lunch yesterday.
  • I am grateful I was able to pay all of my bills this month.
  • I am grateful we have heat during this cold winter.
  • I am grateful my son does so well in school.
  • I am grateful I was so productive yesterday.
  • I am grateful for the gifts I received for my birthday.
  • I am grateful I feel energetic and inspired today.

NOTE: You can use the Gratitude worksheet in the Abundance Journal to create your gratitude lists.

Manifestation List

Manifestation and abundance go hand-in-hand because the more we manifest, the more abundance we have in our lives. We manifest what we focus on. That’s why a manifestation list is such a powerful journaling activity for attracting abundance. It gets you to focus on the things, people, and experiences you want to bring into your life, so you can attract them.

A manifestation list is similar to a goal list, but it differs because it is more of a list of dreams that you write down on a daily basis. You might choose to do this at the same time as your gratitude list, or at a different time of day if you want to break up your journaling into smaller periods of time.

Each day, write down 10 things you want to manifest in your life. They can be small things or large things, impossible dreams or achievable dreams, and it can include objects, experiences, or people. Don’t think of these things as goals. Just let yourself dream and let your ideas flow out onto the paper.

This activity is meant to inspire you, keep you dreaming, and keep your focus on all the good things you want to bring into your life.

NOTE: Always phrase your manifestation list in the present by starting with “I am.”

Here are some examples of what you might write:

  • I am manifesting a fun family night of games, love, and laughter.
  • I am manifesting a new car.
  • I am manifesting a new like-minded friend.
  • I am manifesting a six-figure income this year.
  • I am manifesting a loving, peaceful mindset.
  • I am manifesting the ability to handle stress with ease.
  • I am manifesting someone who can help me redo the upstairs bathroom.
  • I am manifesting a new book I’ll love to read.
  • I am manifesting new fun activities to do as a family.
  • I am manifesting new meal ideas the whole family will love.

OPTION: You might instead want to create a “100 Things I Am Manifesting” list in your journal. Just label a page and then number your list from 1 to 100. Then, each day, you can add several things to the list. Or you can add things to this list as you think of them throughout the day, which is a nice way to keep yourself manifesting all the time.

NOTE: You can use the Manifestation worksheet in the Abundance Journal.

Be-Do-Have List

The Be-Do-Have List is similar to the manifestation list, but it’s a different take on it, so you can choose what works best for you or you can vary the activities to keep it interesting.

For this abundance journaling activity, you’ll jot down a list of things you want to be, do, and have. You might want to do this at the beginning of the year or it can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Here are some examples of what you might write:

I Want to Be:

A mother


On the ball


An author

An ice skater

I Want to Do:



Read more often

Start a business

Throw a party for my son

Forgive my business partner

I Want to Have:

Clothes I feel good in

A personal chef

More money than bills

Respect in my field

A baby

Financial freedom

NOTE: You can use the Be-Do-Have worksheet in the Abundance Journal for this.

Money Log

Money is certainly a big part of abundance, and when you tap into the stream of abundance, you will often find that your financial life improves. Everyone enjoys spending money and we all wish we could spend more than we have.

A money log is a fun way to “spend” money on a daily basis on things you want to have without actually spending the money. What it does do is it continues to keep you dreaming. The more you dream, the more you believe you can achieve your dreams. And the more you focus on things you want, the more easily they will come into your life.

Block off a couple pages in your journal and title it “My Money Log.” Then write down the date on the left starting with today, then list tomorrow’s date under today’s date, and so on for 21 days. Next to today’s date, write down $1, next to tomorrow’s date, write down $2, and next to the next day’s date, write down $4. Continue in this way, doubling the amount each day.

Then, each day think of something you’d like to spend that day’s amount of money on. Of course, you’re not going to actually spend the money, but this is a fun way to dream about all the things you’d like to buy. You’ll be amazed how difficult it can be to “spend” the money as the numbers get up there, but it’s a really fun activity that gets you to dream in a different way.

Here is an example of what you might write:

Date 1 $1 A candy bar
Date 2 $2 An on-demand movie
Date 3 $4 An ice cream cone
Date 4 $8 A Panera salad
Date 5 $16 A new journal
Date 6 $32 A new PLR pack
Date 7 $64 A new pair of jeans
Date 8 $128 A new pair of shoes
Date 9 $256 Go out to eat and splurge
Date 10 $512 Take all the boys to Dorney Park
Date 11 $1024 Window treatments
Date 12 $2048 Carpets for the Basement
Date 13 $4096 An online course
Date 14 $8192 A dream vacation
Date 15 $16,384 A personal chef for a year
Date 16 $32,768 An inground pool
Date 17 $65,536 A Dodge Charger
Date 18 $131,072 An addition to enlarge our house
Date 19 $262,144 A year of traveling
Date 20 $524,288 Donate to a charity
Date 21 $1,048,576 A dream home

OPTION: As an alternative, you might choose to do this over a longer period of time and go up in smaller increments. For example, you might want to start at $10 and go up in $10 increments or start at $25 and go up in $25 increments. 

NOTE: You can use the Money Log worksheet in the Abundance Journal to track your money log.

Forgiveness Circle

When we hold onto painful emotions and situations in our minds, we shut ourselves off to the flow of abundance. Manifestation and abundance are the result of free-flowing positive emotions that are uninhibited by the negative stuff we hold on to.

The Forgiveness Circle allows you to resolve your pent-up emotions and harbored resentments so that you can move forward.

To do this activity, draw a circle on your journal page and write “People I Am Forgiving Today” above it. Then, write down the people you have been feeling negative emotions toward in the circle.

On the next page, list each person and write down the reasons each person deserves your forgiveness. If you are finding it difficult to forgive any of the people, write that down too and remember to add them to your Forgiveness Circle the next time you create one. Forgiveness is a process and sometimes it takes time.

NOTE: You can use the Forgiveness Circle worksheet in the Abundance Journal for this process.

Love Circle

Love is the most positive emotion in existence. When we are feeling love, all other emotions melt away, including fear, anger, frustration, jealousy, selfishness, and more. Love transforms everything negative into something positive.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to practice feeling more love. The Love Circle is a journaling activity that helps us do just that.

Draw a circle in your journal and write “People I am Sending Love to” above it. Then, write down all the people you want to send love to in the circle.

Remember, it is especially helpful to add people into the Love Circle that you feel negative emotions toward. When we can send love to people we don’t like, are angry at, or even hate, that is where the real power happens. By sending love to those people, you’ll find your relationship or association with them become more positive.

NOTE: You can use the Love Circle worksheet in the Abundance Journal for this activity.

Abundance Mantras/Affirmations

Mantras and affirmations are a great way to keep certain thoughts front and foremost in your mind. By jotting down something that you want to affirm, it becomes more solid than it is when it is just a thought simply because you wrote it down.

One of the best ways to use this technique is to write down a mantra each morning that depicts how you want to feel and what you want to attract that day. For example, you might write something like, “I am a magnet for money, love, and happiness.”

Then, as you go throughout your day, recite your mantra in your mind whenever you think of it or whenever you need a positive boost. You’ll find it keeps you on track and helps you set the tone for the day.

NOTE: Keep your mantra simple so you can easily recite it without reading it.

Here are some examples of abundance mantras and affirmations you might consider using:

  • I am a magnet for money, love, and happiness.
  • I effortlessly achieve what I set my mind to.
  • I see evidence of abundance everywhere.
  • I am abundant, powerful, and strong.
  • I am in the flow.

NOTE: You can use the mantra worksheet in the Abundance Journal to do this.

Synchronicity Tracker

According to, the psychoanalysis definition of synchronicity is “The simultaneous occurrence of causally unrelated events and the belief that the simultaneity has meaning beyond mere coincidence.”

In other words, it’s those “coincidences” that happen in your life that you couldn’t have planned better yourself, or the good things that came out of “bad” experiences, or the things that seemed like signs that happened out of nowhere. Instead of random coincidence, they are meaningful.

Synchronicities and happy coincidences look like this:

  • You miss your train and then run into an old friend you lost touch with.
  • You forget to bring your notes to your business meeting, but you are amazed to find that what comes out of your mouth was much better than what you wrote on your notes.
  • You realize half way through cooking dinner that you don’t have an ingredient you need, so you make a substitution and end up liking it even more.
  • You open a book to a random page, which happens to give you the answer to an issue you have been struggling with.

Another fun journaling activity is the Synchronicity Tracker. This is where you record all the happy little “coincidences” that happen in your life.

Doing this activity will help you discover that everything is meant to be in your life. Without doing this, we often don’t even notice when these meaningful synchronicities happen, and we end up complaining about the things that go wrong without seeing the good that came along with it.

NOTE: You can use the Synchronicity Tracker in the Abundance Journal to keep track of these.

Other Abundance Journaling Ideas


This is the most common form of journaling. It’s just reflecting on your day or on an issue that you’re having. It could be reflecting on your thoughts about money or abundance in general. The more we reflect, the more clarity we gain in our lives, which leads to breakthroughs, ah-ha moments, and growth.

NOTE: You can use the Reflection sheet in the Abundance Journal for this.


Journals aren’t just for writing. It can be a lot of fun to create collages and dream boards in your journal too. Simply cut out images from magazines and/or print them from the computer and create a collage that reflects something you want to attract in your life. This technique can be highly effective in helping us manifest what we want because it gets us focusing and visualizing what we want in detail.

NOTE: There is a collage sheet in the Abundance Journal for this.


Doodling and drawing in your journal are something that adds visual appeal and makes it more your own. It turns your journal into a work of art to be cherished forever. Whether you are an artist or not, doodling is always fun, and there are many ways for everyone to bring it into their journals. For example, you could use stamps, stickers, washi tape or stencils, in addition to freehand drawing.

NOTE: You can use the Doodle sheet in the Abundance Journal for this.


Journals also don’t have to be black and white. It’s fun to bring color into your journals! You can do this in so many ways. You could print out adult coloring pages and paste them into your journal to color. You can highlight certain words or use markers or colored pencils to decorate your pages.

NOTE: There are 7 different adult coloring pages in the Abundance Journal to get you started!

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