Attaining Abundance in All Areas of Your Life

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When you hear the word, abundance, most people think of money, but attaining abundance is all areas of your life goes much beyond just financials. True abundance is much more than money. Abundance in all areas of life (physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, romantic, social, financial, and occupational) is key to well-rounded happiness and joy.

Physical Abundance

What does physical abundance look like? It’s when you are making healthy lifestyle choices that lead to abundant health. You look and feel great. You’ve reduced the symptoms you used to have and the habits that lead to poor health by giving your body the nutrition, exercise, and self-care it needs.

Intellectual Abundance

Intellectual abundance occurs when you are taking steps to keep your mind sharp and healthy. Some of that comes from nutrition and exercise, and some of it comes from actively using your mind in ways that keep it sharp, such as reading and brain teasers.

Emotional Abundance

When you are emotionally abundant, you are making decisions that support healthy emotions. You feel balanced and stable. This likely comes as a result of self-discovery work and self-improvement activities such as journaling, meditating, reading inspirational books and articles, and anything else that helps you feel balanced like yoga or fostering a hobby.

Spiritual Abundance

So many people these days are spiritually deprived. It seems to be a last priority all too often, but when we take the time to nurture our spirituality, we benefit in all other areas of our lives because we feel fulfilled on a deeper level. Nurturing your spirituality might involve meditation, praying, and learning about spirituality, and it leads to a healthy attitude that improves the manifestation of everything we desire.

Romantic Abundance

Romantic abundance is the result of a happy partnership. We feel abundant in this area when our love is flowing openly, and we are sharing intimately. We work together as partners and feel stronger as a result of that relationship.

Social Abundance

Social abundance has to do with the health of our relationships, including friendships, colleagues, and acquaintances. It means our social life is thriving and we are enjoying time with others.

Financial Abundance

Monetary abundance is one of the easiest ways to understand abundance because it is so cut and dry – you either have a lot of money or you don’t. By setting goals, having the right mindset, and taking steps toward achieving the wealth we desire, financial abundance is there for us.

Occupational Abundance

Occupational abundance is when you are fulfilled by your work. It becomes abundant when it moves from being a chore that you “have to” do to discovering work that completes you and that you actually look forward to doing.

One cool thing is this: when we work on one area, our gains often spill over into other areas. For example, we might find ourselves feeling called to work on weight loss (physical health) and we find that in doing so, we feel more confident, which benefits our emotional health.

So pick an area and get started! 🙂

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