Adventure: A Matter of Perspective


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Adventure is a Matter of Perspective

In my opinion, so much about life is subjective, a matter of perspective. You hear of people doing all sorts of adventurous things: rafting down class IV rapids, climbing mountains, jumping out of airplanes, traveling to remote places….the list is endless. And all those things are great for those who want to do them!

But I think there is a bias in the minds of the masses that says that adventures need to be “big.”  The same holds true for most judgements people make about life–what’s worthwhile, what’s “good”…and what constitutes adventure 🙂

For example, I had a small encounter with “nature” just recently.  It was very brief, and it happened on our deck.  But, for me, it was exciting and “cool.”  I was outside –on the deck, as I mentioned–and I was admiring our crepe myrtle that is in full bloom.  I noticed a butterfly flitting around it (I think it was a swallowtail) and a bee as well.  

So my attention was 50 feet in front of me. Suddenly, a buzzing sound zipped right by my ear–my first thought was that is was some sort of insect, maybe a bee.  Luckily I didn’t swat at the sound!  Because right in front of me–maybe a foot in front of my face–was a hummingbird. It was looking right at me! We have a feeder on the deck, and I have seen the hummingbirds chase each other around. I wondered if the “fly by” was meant to scare me away.


It was making cute little chirping noises. And I toyed with the idea of holding out my finger to see if it would alight–I’ve seen too many Facebook posts of people with hummers 🙂  It flitted and hovered a couple more feet away, and then zipped off to a nearby tree.  I went inside, thinking it wanted me to leave so it could eat.

That brief moment for me was a mini-adventure 🙂 There was novelty and a thrill–which I would say are what most adventurers are after! 🙂 I know it was “lame” by many people’s standards.  But that’s the point–it’s about perspective.

Wishing you many happy adventures of whatever sort make you happy!

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