Achieve Anything in Just One Year Review

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Achieve Anything in Just One Year

If you have the right approach, you can achieve anything in just one year. Read my review of this book to see what I mean. 🙂

In pursuing your dreams, your goals, you have to start somewhere. But this is what messes  a lot of people up. They’re not sure where to start!

They need a little bit of guidance and encouragement to get them on the right track. And that’s what you’ll receive with the book, Achieve Anything in Just One Year. The book teaches readers not only that it’s possible to change their lives in a year, but that it can be done in as little as 5 minutes per day! You can start any time of the year, of course–no need to wait until January!

If you want to discover how to transform your life, how to get fired up to take the action steps needed to have the life that you deserve, then this book is for you! 🙂

Achieve Anything in Just One Year is broken down by days so that you have a short piece to read that will guide you every day for an entire year. And these short pieces aren’t just feel good words. They’re applications that you can use in your life so that you’ll know which direction to go and what decision to make.

The book teaches that change isn’t something you simply decide upon, and then it happens instantaneously (or does it?  🙂 ). Instead, it shows readers that change is something that develops quickly, but has to be nurtured over time.

Each one of the 365 life-changing applications is broken down into a chapter. You are advised to read a chapter a day. As mentioned above, you don’t have to start on the New Year –start any day of the year and just continue on until you complete the full 365 days.

Achieve Anything in Just One Year is particularly helpful in showing you how to achieve your dreams

  • even if you’ve never made such an attempt.
  • even if you had a dream that never came to pass.
  • even if you’re just starting out or if you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

It teaches you that success begins by making a series of changes.

You’ll learn how to move forward on your journey – even if you can’t see the road ahead of you. You just have to trust that the path is there and will be revealed as you begin moving toward the completion of your goals.

This last sentiment is perfectly in alignment with my perspective of things ?

Readers will learn to dream even if they’re not sure their goals are even achievable. You’ll learn to take responsibility for the choices that you make that either work for or against your dreams.

These choices either build your confidence or it tear it down. You’ll learn to have courage, to take risks and to choose your dreams. The book is a great encouragement to help motivate you to start the life that you want!

I hope you have enjoyed my review…if you ever feel meh…remember this last bit of advice:

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