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Hi, I’m Cate, and here’s a little info about me.

I am a stay-at-home mom of three in my 50’s. I have always been one of those people that see the glass as half full vs half empty 🙂 In 2008, I realized (or it seemed to me) that all the news and input I got from “out there” was negative or focused on the negative side of things. That prompted me to create this site to try to spread a bit of light and cheer and to encourage a positive world view or life perspective. I first published the site in 2009 (see more below).

caricature-Cate 🙂

I love to read, although ever since getting my BS in nursing, my main reading has been “God” books, as I call them. Philosophical perspectives and ideas have intrigued me ever since I can remember, and I began reading such books in high school. It’s only been in the last maybe 20 years that I have settled into a philosophical outlook (New Thought), though even within that, I am still seeking what works for me!

My days are much like any mom’s revolving around the kids schoolwork/activities and things that need to get done. As my children have gotten older, I have begun to delve into some creative outlets involving my interests…again, leading to the creation of this site!

Enough about me! I hope that those who visit this site will be inspired to notice all the good and funny and encouraging things in the world around them.  I also hope it will  prompt them to take a look at their personal practices and perspectives. And to perhaps implement some of the many things we can each do they can contribute to improve our own lives, the lives of those around us, and the world in general!

And So it Begins…

Below is the fuller explanation of what prompted me to create this website (in 2009) as well as what all is discussed. Ok–here’s the story:

Where is the Good News?!

I have a challenge for you: Turn on the television for the news, grab a newspaper or news magazine from the newsstand. Or look online and tally up the good news and bad news stories. I can almost guarantee that the bulk of information we are presented with as news is what most of us would consider bad. If you do this every day, you are quite likely to see the world as a scary place. And to see the future of mankind and the planet as bleak. I know I did.

Hmm…Let’s Rethink This!


So, in 2009, I decided to create a website to share good news. Not so much news stories, per se, but more ideas that enhance our lives–individually and collectively.

Ideas that inspire rather than deflate. Ideas that demonstrate the power each and every one of us has to impact our individual lives and the world–in a positive way.

What You’ll Find at A Cupful Of Happy

It’s All About Perspective

One section of the site (my favorite) will delve into some perspective related areas-ways to look at life that really enhance your experience! I realize that these topics are personal and that each individual has to choose his/her own path. Again, I am sharing because these ideas are a large part of what feeds my conviction that the bright side exists despite some appearances Moreover, I believe that these “New Thought” ideas can actually affect the world at large.

Do what?!

Another section of this site will discuss actions—good habits to consider. Things you can do and that others are doing that will help the planet, or improve your own experience, or bring you personal enjoyment. Again, I recognize that not everyone will share my personal ideas of what adds to our life experience or is fun to pursue, and that’s as it should be!

Good News

The news stories that I share are human interest kinds of stories, or stories of new discoveries or inventions or things that are exciting and uplifting. Once in a while I might also address a current event, but not that often 🙂

My hope is that you will see that, despite the picture that is often painted, there is much that is right with the world and good reason to be hopeful about mankind’s future!

Throughout the site you will see recommendations for or links to products that I have tried or heard about. These are things that meet my criteria for what makes a good product. I hope these recommendations are useful to you. But mostly I hope that when you leave this site, you will be left with the conviction that life is good!


Full Disclosure

Please note–in addition to wanting to spread positivity (as discussed below), I also had hopes of earning money with the creation of this site. To that end, I do have a lot of amazon affiliate links to products and books I mention–many of which I own. I also review and suggest other products for which I am an affiliate. Some I have tried, some I have not. I only suggest things that at least make sense to me as something to try…and things that you can be refunded for if you don’t like.  🙂 I look at these suggestions as something a friend might offer–“I heard of this program for fill_in_the_blank. It sounds interesting!” I fully believe there are many solutions to every problem–the primary solution is spiritual, in my opinion. But while we seek that level of understanding, there are programs and methods that can help 🙂


About Cate

I am a retired RN–stayed home after my second child was born, having worked for 10 years. I am in my mid-50s now, and I enjoy blogging, designing mugs and more and spreading a bit of positivity in the world.

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