5 Outdoor Entertaining Tips to Amp Up Your Summer Parties

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Outdoor entertaining is a perfect choice for the warmer months–if you like to entertain, that is 🙂 Certainly not everyone does! Still, this article caught my eye and it seemed worthwhile to share. I kind of smiled to myself as I envisioned how the tips might actually look for the average person–the images in the article are all very chic and model-home-like, lol.

Anyway, I hope this article gives you some good ideas for some summer fun!


outdoor entertaining tips

Prep for summer fun with these outdoor entertaining tips. Image: Apex Pools

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‘Tis the season to start moving your gatherings outdoors. As temperatures warm and the daylight hours lengthen, it becomes easier – and more fun – to host parties in your yard. Easier doesn’t necessarily mean easy, though. Hosting your friends al fresco comes with its fair share of challenges.

The good news is that with a little preparation, an outdoor party can be extremely low-maintenance. Getting everyone together outside lends a relaxed air. Expectations are lower, the natural beauty of your yard does most of the decorating work and if things get really messy, a hose handles cleanup. Are you ready to take advantage of the summer season and move your next party into the fresh air? Here are five outdoor entertaining tips that will help you get started.

outdoor entertaining tips- storage

Outdoor storage for dishes makes hosting a breeze. Image: LevEco Architects

1. Create an outdoor kitchen

Even if you already have a kitchen set up outside, you may benefit from making things easier to access during your party. Start by bringing a cabinet, a trunk or another storage piece outside. If you plan to host throughout the season but don’t want your furniture to get damaged by the elements, consider flipping it over and adding some casters.

Once your outdoor storage is ready, fill it with everything you’ll need. Plastic dishware and cloth napkins are a great start. Think through your previous parties. What did you find yourself often grabbing for? (A bottle opener, perhaps?) Having these necessities easily accessible outside will give you more time to enjoy your event.

outdoor entertaining tips - seating

Capitalize on the relaxed feel of an outdoor gathering by mixing decor. Image: IDF Studio

2. Celebrate variety

The relaxed air of an outdoor party encourages playfulness in your decor. Say, for example, you’re hosting more people than you can seat with your outdoor chairs. Bring your indoor chairs outside and intermix them. The variety looks fun and inviting.

What other indoor items could be useful? Pull throws off your couch and drape them over chairs outside for guests to use if they get chilly. Choose decor from your coffee table and mix it with fresh-cut flowers for an interesting centerpiece. Don’t be afraid to play with items you already own. The beauty of an outdoor party is in the way otherwise-stressful details become unimportant.

outdoor entertaining - wind

Make sure you’re ready if the breeze picks up. Image: Anthony Wilder

3. Be prepared for wind

Summer nights can get breezy. Getting ready for wind is one of the best outdoor entertaining tips we can offer, because it can prevent something out of your control – the weather – from ruining the whole night. The week before your party, make a mental list of anything that could blow away. Solutions are generally simple: like, for example, buying or making tablecloth weights that clip to the corners of a tablecloth. You should have no trouble finding a product or DIY project that matches the decor of your party.

Too pressed for time? Skip the tablecloth altogether!

If you’re going to be lighting candles, make sure you protect them from the wind. Hurricanes and tea light holders are an affordable way to maintain your lighting on a breezy evening.

outdoor entertaining tips - pests

Candles add ambiance and keep bugs away. Image: Susie Watson Designs

4. Keep pests away

Candles can serve a dual purpose, beyond adding ambiance: They can also help fend off mosquitos. You don’t have to choose citronella varieties, either; pests also hate eucalyptus. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even make your own bug-deterring candles. This DIY uses both citronella and eucalyptus to banish mosquitos.

If you’re going to be serving food outdoors buffet-style, have a plan in place to cover it when people aren’t actively serving themselves. In a pinch, an overturned mesh colander can serve as a protective shield.

outdoor entertaining tips - grill

It’s grill season. Get ready to cook outdoors all summer long. Image: FireMagic Grills

5. Prep your grill

Don’t wait until the day before your party to grab propane and scrub your grill grate. You can even season your grill grate the way you would a cast iron pan to avoid rust.

As you get your grill ready, make it safe. Move it at least 10 feet away from your home, outdoor structures and any trees or bushes. If you own a gas grill, perform a quick and easy test with soapy water to identify any leaks. Taking the time to get your grill ready before you fire it up gives you a summer of stress-free outdoor cooking.

If you want more inspiration to get your yard ready for summer parties, check out our outdoor articles. We’re always working to keep you in-the-know about the latest outdoor decor trends and hottest summer yard designs. From outdoor entertaining tips to highlights on fun yard additions, we’ve got you covered.

Did we miss any outdoor entertaining tips? Let us know your best tips and tricks in the comments below.

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