2018 Amazon Hot Toys Review and Shopping Guide

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2018 Amazon Hot Toys Review and Shopping Guide

This 2018 Amazon Hot Toys Review and Shopping Guide is a first for me 🙂 Christmas is great in so many ways and for so many reasons. But chief among them is the fun of giving great gifts to the kids who are into their play! ???Amazon really made Santa shopping so much easier when my kids were little. So I decided to create this post of reviews as a shopping guide to the hot toys of this season! Ho ho hope it helps lighten your shopping responsibilities! 🙂

Bit Coding Robot

Coding is all the rage with kids now, and it’s perfect because they’re learning and having a good time playing with toys that teach this skill. One popular one that’s bound to be a hit this Christmas is Bit – a coding robot that’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

This is a basic beginner bot that teaches early STEAM skills, and it’s great for kids starting at around six years old and up. It includes a couple of different ways your child can code, and it’s ready to begin as soon as you open the box.

The system starts off super easy where your child uses a marker to make color code strokes that the Bit responds to. There’s an online programming editor that makes things more advanced – and it’s called OzoBlockly.

Here, they can use a drag and drop feature to create their Bit code. The toy has many cool features, including LED lights, an online activity library, a durable polycarbonate shell, and optical sensors.

Out of the box, your child gets the bit robot as well as STEAM challenges in the activity pack. They also get four of the color code markers. There are also a couple of skins, a quick start guide, a USB charger, and some character pop outs and stickers.

The markers allow your child to start drawing lines and color codes. The bit robot follows all of your child’s commands, so they’re in control. There are twenty color codes they can create in their activity pack.

Once that’s complete, they can move on to the OzoBlockly editor on their PC or tablet and continue making more advanced programs for their Bit. They can load their code easily by just positioning their Bit up near the screen!

Each Bit is customizable so that your child can personalize it with the pop out characters and stickers. This helps your kid garner more STEAM skills. For those who don’t know, STEAM is just STEM plus the Art component.

The coding lets your child learn how to speed up the process, create zig zagging effects and spin it too. The advanced editor doesn’t require your child to be able to read, so even if they’re not there yet, they can still use this toy completely.

This is a great concept that inspires kids to interact with robotics and learn how to work with them. The fact that it requires creativity makes it a toy that parents will love as their kid spends countless hours engaged in the learning process.

Hasbro Games Don’t Step in It

 Every year, some new toy comes out that focuses on the fun kids have with gross humor. Sometimes it’s a doll that has snot coming out of its head, and other times it’s a diaper mess.

This year, Hasbro Games has launched one based on the hilarious nature of dog poop. It’s called Don’t Step in It! And it has families everywhere crying with laughter as a blindfolded participant walks a path and tries to avoid stepping in a pile of Playdough-like Poop.

This is one of those games where the more people you have playing it, the more fun it is. It comes with the mat (which acts as the path), a blindfold, four cans of the make believe poop, a mold, spinner board, and instructions.

The mold makes the dough look just like a pile of dog poop, and kids have a lot of fun placing these strategically on the mat for the participant to accidentally step in. They giggle with laughter whenever that happens – because the person walks barefoot and the dough squishes up into their toes.

Because it’s a Playdough like material, make sure you’re careful about having it around a carpet surface. That can be difficult to get out. It’s best to use on a flat surface that can be cleaned up easily.

If you run out of the make believe poop, you can simply buy another can of Playdough (kids laugh more when it’s a brown one). To win the game, you have to be the participant who stepped in the least number of poop piles.

If you managed to dodge them all, then you’re the winner! This is a game that can even be played solo, if your child just wants to have some fun by themselves, but it’s even more fun when others play to add to the laughter!

Because it’s an easy no-skill game, your little ones ages 4 and up can participate in this game with ease. It’s even fun for the whole family to play – grandparents and all! Everyone loves cheering each other on and laughing when the person accidentally steps in a big pile.

Give each kid in your family a shot at setting up the minefield of poop. They’ll delight whenever one of their strategic placements makes a player step in it. This isn’t an educational game, but it is one that generates laughter and is a family friendly game for all. That’s what makes it one of this year’s bestselling games for families.

FurReal Munchin’ Rex 

This Christmas, kids everywhere will be asking for the FurReal Minchin’ Rex, a lovable, soft dinosaur that seems to come to life and interact with them. This is a baby dino pet that kids ages and four up love.

Rex awakens whenever a child waves their hand at him. They can also give him a treat to wake him up. The way he responds is a mix from the more than 35 options coded into this baby dinosaur.

The responses range from sounds to motions and a combination of the two. For example, Rex will beg for treats and hop around all excited like a little puppy would. In fact, he might chomp down on the treat or – if he doesn’t like it – he’ll even spit it out, making your child laugh.

The little Rex dinosaur is a big fan of his bottle, but whether he enjoys his broccoli or cookie treats can be hit or miss. Sometimes he find them yummy, and sometimes he complains that they’re yucky.

This is a fun toy that also has the typical dinosaur habitat sounds included with it. For example, your child might listen and be able to picture a prehistoric jungle setting. It comes with batteries already installed to bring it all to life, but you will need to replace them when they wear out.

This gift includes the Rex dinosaur along with some accessories like the bottle, treats – both broccoli and caveman cookies – and a set of instructions so you’ll know exactly how to get the most out of your interaction with the toy.

This is surprisingly a plush toy. Most dinosaur toys on the market are cold, hard plastic – but this one is more enjoyable to play with because of its soft material. Your child will enjoy taking Rex with him wherever he goes, just as he would any other stuffed animal.

Almost all kids love being the caretaker for babies. Sometimes it’s in the form of dolls, but in this case, with a dinosaur, it’s more novel and fun! Getting to feed Rex his bottle and listen to him slurp – and seeing the reactions from the interactions – bring about lots of giggles for your little one.

Rex also responds to nurturing playfulness. For example, he has these sensors on his head, so when your child pets him, he responds in a way that lets your child know he appreciates it.

Rex is a posable figure, too. They can position its arms in a variety of ways as they make believe they’re in a prehistoric world with him. It’s a fun, yet unpredictable toy that delivers up many emotions and reactions and, of course, tons of fun!

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit

Whether they’re a diehard Harry Potter Fan, or just love a good challenge with building a LEGO kit, you’ll want to pick up the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit this Christmas for your kids.

This is a fantastic set that actually connects to the Whomping Willow set, if you already have that or plan on getting it. This one is specifically for the Hogwarts Great Hall, and it includes the tower that has a spiral staircase that moves.

It also has the house banners and a room where all of the potions are stored. There’s also a treasure room in this Lego set that you can build. Your kids will love building it, and also playing with it and the 10 mini figures that come with it.

The figures include Harry Potter, of course, but also Hermione, Ron Weasley, Professor McGongall, Hagrid, Susan Bones, Dumbledore, Draco Malfoy, Nearly Headless Nick, and a Professor Quirrell that comes with a dual face for Lord Voldemort.

Aside from the mini figures that come with the set and are lots of fun to play with, this Harry Potter Hogwarts Lego set also comes with Basilisk and Fawkes creatures that your child can build.

There are two other figures with the set – Hedwig and Scabbers.  So it’s way more than just a building. You’re opening up a world full of fun for your child (and yourself, if you’re a fan of the movies and books, too).

This is a large set – with 878 Lego pieces. It’s great for kids around 8 or older, and both boys and girls will love this kit. It’s a Lego set that, when built, measures a little more than 14 inches tall, 11 inches wide and 7 inches deep.

It has beautiful features inside, such as the fireplace and grand staircase that moves. Every little detail – from the benches and tables to the magical artifacts and accessories – has been crafted to give it a realistic look that’s in line with what you see in the movies.

Note that this isn’t the entire castle. It’s a portion of it. Fans love the architecture of the set, and the figures that are included really bring it to life for lots of role play with the characters.

Depending on which scene you want to reenact, you can flip the double sided house banners over to showcase a different set of houses if you choose to do that. This will be a great set to get as you build the complete castle in the future.

LittleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

Sometimes learning a new educational skill can be boring. So toy manufacturers have taken on the task to make learning fun, and this year, one of the hottest toys your child will want is the LittleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit.

This toy allows your child to learn coding as they use the kit to become a Super Hero in high tech form. They’re building something that will join the team of Marvel Avengers – like Iron Man, Ant-Man and Wasp, or Black Panther and Shuri.

They do this by using the LittleBits electronic blocks.  When they create their Super Hero, they begin training it inside the app. It also lets them use simple block coding to be in control of all of their gear – including giving it new capabilities – and accessories using the smart device it’s hooked up to.

The great thing about this toy is that it’s not just technical steps they’re learning. They’re also using their creativity to devise their own Super Hero’s identity and gear. They can use things like speed tracker, night vision, and a special tool to design their own Super Hero icon.

Inside the app, there are more than 18 activities they can use and all have instruction videos to make the process simple. They can learn things about creating sound effects, light design and wearable tech sensors.

This toy is compatible with smart devices, including an iPad. There’s an intuitive app you can download for IOS devises, and then you can let your child take over and begin the coding and creation process for their Marvel Super Hero.

We all know that Lego is one creative activity that kids love. But the plastic pieces are meant to create a specific form of toy. With bit coding, your child gets to make all of the creative decisions tailored to their own imagination and preferences.

You can let your child decorate their wearable tech piece with stickers and other artistic endeavors. When they’re finished, let them show off their accomplishments, like a light show.

The LittleBits that connect are super easy for kids to handle. They’re magnetic, so they snap together with ease and aren’t frustrating for kids to utilize. Another perk of the magnets is that it makes the toy durable.

The app will walk your child through the steps, so they’re never lost. It will keep them engrossed for hours as they assemble the circuits to create their hero and design other elements. It says it’s good for ages 8 and up, but even younger kids will often be able to use this toy.

L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise!

In today’s world, kids no longer stroll down the aisles of toy stores looking for what they want. In fact, they don’t even watch regular commercials much anymore – they find what they want in unboxing videos on YouTube, and now – there’s a toy for that!

Today’s younger generation is obsessed with unboxing videos that show people getting a new toy in the mail and opening it right before their eyes. There’s something about seeing the process unfold that appeals to kids of all ages (and adults, too).

The L.O.L. Surprise toy is the ultimate unboxing experience because as you open one item, there’s an even bigger surprise waiting for you inside that. All in all, this particular toy has a whopping 60-plus toys inside this one bag, so it’s guaranteed to excite your little one.

The toys are a mix of dolls and fun accessories that they’ll love playing with once the unboxing experience is over. You may even want to record the unboxing process so they can watch it back and revel in the fact that they’re as good as any YouTube star!

The toys inside the surprise bag include a couple of limited edition L.O.L Surprise dolls that can’t be found elsewhere. Both of these dolls each come with seven surprises. There’s also a limited edition pet that can’t be found elsewhere, and it comes with its own set of seven surprises.

Your child will also find a limited edition doll that’s an L.O.L Surprise little sister doll, and she comes with five special surprises. But the dolls and their surprises aren’t all that’s included.

Additionally, your child will find accessories for them – including a dozen plastic hairstyles, six hair pieces they can brush, six face masks, a spy glass, and ten more accessories. And of course, you can’t forget the carrying case that the collectibles will all fit into.

The spy glass is a special accessory that fits into the tale about the pet going missing, and the dolls mission to go find it! There are surprise clues and messages they can decode in the spy series that will help them locate the pet.

Kids who are accustomed to getting their L.O.L Dolls in the big balls will delight in finding out that they now have some very rare, limited edition ones that can’t be found in the capsules. The wigs are a big hit, too. Kids love being able to change things up

Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat Vet Play Pet Set

Melissa and Doug toys have fast become one of the best brands for parents who like to buy their kids toys that teach a variety of things – from counting to reading, or in this case, nurturing.

The Melissa and Doug Examine and Treat Vet Play Pet Set is a great bundle of toys and accessories that allow your child to role play as an animal doctor. It comes with 24 pieces in all, including a soft, cuddly plush dog and cat.

For the veterinarian role, the set comes with a stethoscope to wear as well as accessories to treat the animals with. Things such as ointments, tweezers, a cast for a broken limb, clamp, ear scope, thermometer, syringe, and more.

There’s even a two-sided checklist your child can use to pretend he’s giving the pet a full checkup. If he finds a boo-boo, then he can use the included bandages and fix the animal right up before sending it on its way.

The Good Housekeeping Institute recognized this particular toy for its ability to help kids develop empathy as they nurture the plush pets back to good health. And with the fun accessory tote bag, your child can take this role playing with them wherever they go. Or make house calls as a pretend veterinarian. 🙂

It’s a toy that’s perfect for kids starting as young as three years old. But even those up to about 10 (depending on the child) will enjoy playing with this bundle of fun pet accessories and animals.

If your child loves animals, or needs to develop some empathy skills, then the Melissa and Doug vet toy is the perfect match for them. You might even want to get it before bringing a real dog or cat into the family as a pet, to see how your child treats one.

They can use the accessories, which also include bottles and a cone, to pretend like they’re nursing a dog or cat back to good health from any trauma. They can give a simple checkup and vaccinate a pet after checking its vital signs, or soothe a wounded animal using the tubes of pretend treatments.

Although the toy comes with two plush animals, your child can use the kit on any of their stuffed animals – and those who already have a pet in the house might find their child using the accessories on the real pets, too! Just make sure you check to see if poor Fido has been treated with the cone of shame, so you can remove it quickly before he chews it up!

Monopoly Cheater’s Edition

One of the reasons many people love Monopoly, but don’t play it very often is because the game takes so long. That is, until the Cheater’s Edition came along. Now, game play takes about an hour, max.

This is a revised version of the beloved game where players cheat to win – and they do it by bending, or even outright breaking the rules. The key is to not get caught doing it, because if you are, you get put in the plastic handcuff unit and you’re chained to other cheating players in Monopoly jail.

You get guidance from the game on which particular cheat moves you should try. If you succeed, you get rewarded for your slick move. If you get caught cheating , you have to pay the consequences.

This is a fun twist on the typical Monopoly game. The goal is the same – whoever has the most money at the end of the game wins. The only difference is, rules don’t have to be abided by to win!

Normally, monopoly is all about buying and selling – a dream come true. But in this version, you can add scheming to that process. You can borrow money and implement a little funny business on the side.

What are some of the cheats you can do? Sometimes you can steal from the bank (or another player). Players have been known to succeed in not paying rent. And there’s even a way you can fake the roll of the die.

Because the stakes are high, there are no houses in this version of Monopoly. Only hotels are in this game. And if you try to make a stealth move and get caught, you’re chained to the jailhouse.

Even the Chance and Community Chest cards have some built in cheats to them. It’s what helps you learn when to cheat and how to do it. For example, the cards might tell you to pass go and sneakily collect a bit of extra money.

Some of the game play is the same. You still move around the board and buy properties as usual. But the game is over faster than the old Monopoly version, which could end up taking so long that families often quit before a winner was announced.

This game has a slightly smaller board because there are no luxury taxes, utilities or income tax spaces. The nice thing is, because concerns about cheating could often ruin the family fun, this issue is eliminated as the game encourages the cheats!

Pomsies Patches Plush Interactive Toy

Every year, something cute comes along in the toy department that will capture the hearts of little girls. In this year’s case, it’s the precious Pomsies – plush, interactive toys that come in a variety of styles.

Pomsies are both toys and fashion accessories, which will make them even that much more in demand. These toys will alert your child to their needs. If they’re cold, hungry, or tired, they’ll let them know.

Because they look like pets, they also make cute purring noises and at least 50 other sounds as their little eyes light up full of love for your child. But the toys also have fun options to play with them.

Your children can use the Pomsies to play a freeze dance game, which is fun whenever there’s a sleepover or group play event. Whenever your child touches the Pomsies, they light up and share a reaction of how they’re feeling in that moment.

So your little one can simply touch them, or pet them or hug them to bring the Pomsies to life. They can pet them on the back of their head, like you would normally pet an animal.  They can also bring them to life by petting them under their nose or on their forehead.

Any option will work. The Pomsies can be worn as a fashion accessory, too – in your child’s hair, on their wrist, or even on their lunch bag or backpack. There are several different Pomsies available for purchase.

Patches, Boots, Snowball and Speckles are all available for your child. Choose one or get them all four to love. This might be one toy that your child wants to collect over time or trade with friends.

These soft, plush pet toys can be brushed to keep their fur soft. The toys come with their own brush so that the fur isn’t pulled out by one that’s not right for that particular material.

If the toy indicates it’s hungry, your child just gently taps them on the mouth to show them that they’re being fed and cared for. Or, if they’re feeling like more fun – they can dance and shake with their Pomsies to illicit a happy song from their new toy.

The Pomsies eyes will light up as they talk to your child to let them know if they’re feeling happy and silly or hungry. They’ll even indicate if they’re having a sneezing fit! To attach the Pomsies to your child or her belongings, just wrap the soft tail around something and it’s ready to tag along!

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Rocktopus

Fisher-Price has always had some of the most fun toys for babies and toddlers, and this year’s Think and Learn Rocktopus is no exception. It’s beautiful with its multi-colors and it’s both educational and exciting.

This is a musical toy that has 15 instruments included with five different styles of music and three different ways that your child can play with it. They can either play in music mode, game mode or math mode.

Rocktopus is the kind of toy that is very responsive to your child’s interaction, so no matter which instrument they pick up to use with it, they get a response and some guidance.

Each child gets to be in charge of the music they create using the toy, and they can add instruments to the mix or take some away. If they want to, they can control the sound effects as well as the tempo.

Parents will appreciate the downloadable free app for Rocktopus that helps kids make some really neat music videos. The octopus loves music and kids love the octopus, so it’s a match made in Heaven!

Because this is an educational toy as well as entertaining, your kid will be learning all sorts of things – including adding and subtracting as well as patterns in math. In music mode, they’re going to learn about the instruments (how each one sounds) as well as tempo and sound effects.

If they choose game mode, then the Rocktopus has some fun in store for them! They get to follow the toy as it guides them through some game play that’s rooted in music. The app is available on the regular App store as well as on Amazon and Google Play.

Your little one will get to compose their own songs. This is a great skill to have on its own, but behind the scenes, the process is also teaching your child how to pay attention and listen to directions.

This is a toy designed for children ages 3-6 years of age, but it can be a bit flexible, depending on the maturity of the child involved. Parents will love that this toy isn’t one that is overbearing in the noise department.

The narration used with the toy is simple, so it doesn’t confuse kids and cause parents to have to take the wheel. Many parents liken the toy to a musical puzzle of sorts, which makes it keep a child’s attention for longer than usual.

That concludes the review/shopping guide! I hope you find it useful. And maybe you can just skip the shopping madness and shop from home this year 🙂

Happy Holidays!

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