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Hi, my name is Cate, and I am so pleased that you are here! I created this site that is all about how to be happy and how to see life is good, back in 2009. At that time global warming, as it was called then, was all over the news and I found myself getting engrossed in the news of the day…and getting a bit depressed 😛

I had always been an optimist. So this uneasiness with Life was new to me. And it struck me that it was largely due to how the world is presented to us by the media (focus on the negative) and social media (lots of misinformation) and the abundant access to so much external input–a relatively new phenomenon with the growth and reach of the internet. Turns out a 24/7 news cycle/connection is not conducive to happiness 😛

So, I decided to create a website to counter all the negativity. Not so much news stories, although you will find some of that here. The emphasis I had in mind and which forms the bulk of information you will encounter here is about ideas and actions that enhance our lives–individually and collectively.

Ideas that inspire rather than deflate. Ideas that demonstrate the power each and every one of us has to impact our individual lives and the world–in a positive way. Ideas and methods for how to be happy and how to create a happy life!

How to Be Happy

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So happiness is the name of the game here at A Cupful of Happy. When you get right down to it, happiness truly is a choice. It may not feel like it sometimes, and I am not advising you to ignore negative feelings that you might experience. But true happiness is something that exists and persists as a result of your inner world and despite externals and world events.

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A good starter for creating happiness in your life

But Cate, Life’s So Busy!

It IS, isn’t it? Well, I have a solution for you 🙂

If you are someone who tends to get materials and then not read them (I understand, believe me!), you might prefer the 30 Days to a Happier Life Mini-Course that I offer. It’s delivered daily to your inbox in short, easily consumable chunks –perfect for busy people 🙂 And there is even an option to get an audio version to make it that much easier to work into your day! Learning how to be happy doesn’t have to be a huge project. 🙂 It’s a measly $7 (discounted price) and is a great intro or refresher on happiness habits.

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How to Be Happy Beyond the 30 Days

Want something more long-term? A regular dose of information and inspiration to keep your happiness efforts, your personal growth moving steadily along?

Well…..I HAD a newsletter offer in mind, but have since changed that. ? I will one day have a membership area on the site where you can access all kinds of helpful information to help boost all areas of your life and your overall happiness! Keep checking back!

Meanwhile, Fill Your Days With Happy

Beyond the resources shared above, there is a LOT of information here at A Cupful of Happy!

My favorite section is the perspective related information–-ways to look at life that really enhance your experience! I realize that these “philosophy of life” topics are personal and that each individual has to choose his/her own path. I included this info not to change any one’s mind, but because I find it all very captivating and uplifting! These ideas are a large part of what feeds my conviction that the bright side exists despite some appearances. Moreover, I believe that these “New Thought” ideas can actually affect the world at large. Neat, huh? 🙂

Do What?!

Another section of this site discusses actions—good habits to consider. Things you can do and that others are doing that will help the planet, or improve your own experience, or bring you personal enjoyment. Again, I recognize that not everyone will share my personal ideas of what adds to our life experience or is fun to pursue, and that’s as it should be!

Good News

The news stories that I share are human interest kinds of stories, or stories of new discoveries or inventions or things that are exciting and uplifting. Once in a while I might also address a current event, but not that often. 

My hope is for you to see that despite the picture that is often painted, there is much that is right with the world and good reason to be hopeful about mankind’s future!

Have Fun Exploring!

Throughout the site you will see recommendations for, or links to, products that I have tried or heard about. These are things that meet my criteria for what makes a good product. I hope these recommendations are useful to you. To be clear, I stand to earn affiliate commissions from these recommendations 🙂 But the recommendations are honest–I think of them along the lines of something a friend might suggest.

My hope is that when you visit this site, you will be inspired and filled with knowledge of how to be happy and the conviction that life is good !